Thursday, 10 October 2013


FSQ Solutions Inc. is a Professional Food Consultancy firm focused on providing long-term, contract-based management solutions to your supply chain food safety, quality and regulatory demands. The Company works very closely with clients on areas related to Quality, Food safety, GMP, Process and Supply Quality , sourcing and business development to assist customers in India.


  • Consultants, in general, provide you short term advise/path based on certain known standards and assist for certifications.
  • FSQS Inc., on the other hand, takes up long term contract consultancy projects to work with clients to ensure that solutions are delivered to client’s satisfaction.
  • We provide end to end solutions to your food business right from sourcing to process, quality product/business development
  • Promoters of FSQS Inc. are immensely experienced in the food industry at global level and have wide and deep knowledge on areas related to raw materials, sourcing, supplier development, food safety, process, quality assurance and quality control systems, validation, GMP, pest control, Hygiene, HACCP, product and business development, certifications etc.
  • We assure to maintain high level of confidentiality of client’s key business information.
  • We work with clients as partners on a long term basis to improve your business process

  • Project Conceptualisation and Planning
  • Hygiene, Sanitation & GMP
  • Pest control
  • Allergen control program
  • Quality Certifications and QMS
  • Quality Assurance and Control Program
  • Process validation
  • Product Development
  • Agricultural/ Quality at Source/Backward Integration projects
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